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The SmartLemming.com recommends A Sense of Urgency for workers at any career stage. See the table and images below for specific ratings for each career stage and category relevance.

Overall Smart Lemming Rating
A must-read book for people proactively managing their careers.

A Sense of Urgency book review by Smart Lemming Library

A Sense of Urgency book review by Smart Lemming Library


A Sense of Urgency book review by Smart Lemming Library


  • Books are rated on the following criteria: (1) Career stage; and (2) subject matter or “categories,” using a scale of 1 to 4, with 4 being a “must-read book.”
  • If a book rates a “4″ for a Business Life book, then this means the book is must-read for workers looking to improve their business life skills.
  • If a book rates a “4″ in the Senior Worker career stage, then this reflects that the book is a must-read for all senior workers or lower-level workers, who wish to become senior workers.

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A Sense of Urgency
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Product Description

Most organizational change initiatives fail spectacularly (at worst) or deliver lukewarm results (at best). In his international bestseller Leading Change, John Kotter revealed why change is so hard, and provided an actionable, eight-step process for implementing successful transformations. The book became the change bible for managers worldwide.

Now, in Urgency, Kotter shines the spotlight on the crucial first step in his framework: creating a sense of urgency by getting people to actually see and feel the need for change.

Why focus on urgency? Without it, any change effort is doomed. Kotter reveals the insidious nature of complacency in all its forms and guises.

In this exciting new book, Kotter explains:
  • How to go beyond "the business case" for change to overcome the fear and anger that can suppress urgency
  • Ways to ensure that your actions and behaviors -- not just your words -- communicate the need for change
  • How to keep fanning the flames of urgency even after your transformation effort has scored some early successes

  • Written in Kotter's signature no-nonsense style, this concise and authoritative guide helps you set the stage for leading a successful transformation in your company.

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