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Roadmap/Agenda for Episode 12

The Smart Lemming Rundown (Episode 12) continues on the series called “The Smart Lemming Guide to Career Development” in Phase 1 called “Assessing Your Career.”

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Understanding that workers are protected by federal law, what do you do when you experience bias or prejudice from coworkers or your boss?

As a worker, if you’re a person that belongs to “protected class,” you cannot be targeted for harassment or discrimination. A “protected class” is a term used in U.S. anti-discrimination law, describing ten federally protected classes which are the following: race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, disability, veteran, or genetic information.

As an employer or manager, creating diversity in the workplace is not the same as avoiding discriminatory practices. How can managers prevent discrimination and promote diversity? How should employers manage diversity-related issues at work?

This week’s podcast provides an overview of protected classes in the workplace, ranging from the workers point of view to the managers point of view.

Learn how you can create your own courses for your self-study to get ahead in your job and career. Also, learn the four action items you can take to start your Smart Lemming Curriculum today.

In the Smart Lemming Guide to Career Development series, I discuss each phase, so you can create a shortcut to your career success.

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