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Roadmap/Agenda for Episode 10

The Smart Lemming Rundown (Episode 10) continues on the series called “The Smart Lemming Guide to Career Development” in Phase 1, which is formerly known as “Planning Your Career, ” but now I’m officially calling it: “Assessing your Career.” The updated career development program can be seen in the image below.

I elaborate on organizational roles and goals at each career stage:

  1. What organizational roles you will most likely encounter at every career stage in your life, from new worker to the executive level? and
  2. What career goals should you have at each stage as you move up the ladder?

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Discover the three key decision points that you’ll encounter as you grow from new worker to senior worker. Learn which discipline will the be gift that keeps on giving throughout your work life.

In the Smart Lemming Guide to Career Development series, I discuss each phase, so you can create a shortcut to your career success. I also provide a bonus tip for aspiring VPs. Hint: Don’t become a leader that Robert Sutton write about in his book The No Asshole Rule.

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