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Roadmap/Agenda for Episode 11

The Smart Lemming Rundown (Episode 11) continues on the series called “The Smart Lemming Guide to Career Development” in Phase 1 called “Assessing Your Career.”

In this podcast, I discuss the ten core competencies or skill set areas for career success, which are the following:

  1. Business life
  2. Career & Self-Development
  3. Productivity and organization
  4. Management
  5. Marketing and Sales Management
  6. Leadership
  7. Strategy
  8. Small Business or Entrepreneurship
  9. Work Tools Mastery
  10. Tools and templates

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With the ten core competencies, I’m proposing that you think of career development like attending college and graduate school. These fields of study have their own “courses” that you should learn as part of your self-directed study at each of the seven career stages.

Learn how you can create your own courses for your self-study to get ahead in your job and career. Also, learn the four action items you can take to start your Smart Lemming Curriculum today.

In the Smart Lemming Guide to Career Development series, I discuss each phase, so you can create a shortcut to your career success.

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