Weekly Twitter Digest – Week of March 11, 2011

The Smart Lemming curates career management tweets, helping you save time by highlighting career resources from news, articles, and blog posts on business life, career management, and leadership. My tweets are recommended for workers who are at any of the following career stages:

  • New knowledge worker: New college grad entering work force
  • Advanced knowledge worker: One or two years into career
  • Intermediate knowledge worker: Three or four years into career
  • Senior knowledge worker: Established worker in charge of teams or functional areas
  • Director: Department head
  • Vice president: Executive in charge of a specific department(s)
  • Entrepreneur: A person pursuing a new venture or business idea

New Knowledge Worker

Business Life

Advanced Knowledge Worker

Business Life

Career Management

Senior Knowledge Worker & Director



Vice President



All Career Stages

Business Life

Based on this week’s tweets, I recommend the following business books as additional resources on entrepreneurship, business communications, and


5 Mistakes You’re Probably Making When You Argue http://bit.ly/fDzz5E
Swim in Office Politics Without Drowning http://bit.ly/eb1J4i