6 New Career Management Books for December 2010 – January 2011

booksNew Releases in Job Hunting & Careers

Looking for new business books on career management? Below are the latest book releases on Amazon with their respective product descriptions. These titles are timely for individuals, who are proactively managing their career, learning new business life skills, or facing a performance review.

the-sequel-how-to-change-your-career-without-starting-over1. The Sequel: How to Change Your Career Without Starting over

Making a career change? Don t start over! Redirect your career using what you already know. This new book explains how to leverage your skills, experience, and education in a fresh direction. Dr. Laurence Shatkin opens your eyes to many options in promising fields available to people with your background and traits. You ll gain a new perspective on valuing your work history while redefining your career path. You’ve invested time in your career, so make the most of this knowledge by rerouting instead of restarting.

exceeds-expectations2. Exceeds Expectations: Take Control of Your Performance Review

From the 16 year old wading through a first job to the seasoned executive nearing retirement, we are all continually being evaluated or rated by someone else on our performance and our actions. Exceeds Expectations turns the typical performance review model upside down.

In a typical review situation the manager appears to have the power the manager is rating the employee and driving the feedback process. By using the process outlined in this book, we shift the top-down managerial approach to balance the power and responsibility in the performance review process between the manager and the employee.

Exceeds Expectations is an easy-to-read journey of step-by-step processes, exercises and personal stories resulting in a Performance Review Action Plan a personal strategy designed for you to exceed expectations in both your performance review and your career.

career-journey3. The Career Journey: A Book on Career Management

The majority of young professionals enter the corporate world with absolutely no vision or plan with respect to managing their careers. Many leave their careers on “cruise control” and make the incorrect assumption that career growth will automatically happen with the passage of time. The few who do realize the importance of “actively” managing their careers do not specifically know what needs to be done, by when and how.

In the book, The Career Journey, author Ram Iyer offers specific guidelines with the corporate management professional in mind. The book addresses many of the very fundamental questions that often come in a corporate professional’s mind such as:

  • What is the best profession for me?
  • Should I consider a Master’s degree or not?
  • Which school should I pursue my education at?
  • What is the true value of an education in a corporate setting?
  • How long should I stick with the same company?
  • What really matters once I am in an organization?
  • What should I do to be seen as a leader?
  • How should I manage my image as real brand?
  • What are some of the key aspects of a business that I should always be aware of?

The Career Journey will provide you with answers to all of the above questions and much more. The book has a lot of practical tips that can significantly increase the odds of career success for any entry or mid-level professional and is a must read for anyone who wishes to get on the fast track and experience career success sooner than later.

how-to-manage-people4. How to Manage People: Handle People Problems; Motivate Staff; Boost Your Performance

A distillation of Michael Armstrong’s knowledge and experience, How to Manage People provides practical advice to managers and team leaders who don’t have an HR department to support them.

The text covers every aspect of getting things done through people, including: leadership, motivation, team building, delegation, interviewing, managing change, managing, developing and rewarding performance, and handling people problems.

Concise yet comprehensive, How to Manage People provides crucial information and practical examples of how to handle management difficulties for managers who want the best results from their staff.

Now including a free application for iPhones that provides extracts from 9 books in the Sunday Times Creating Success series, quotes and tips from the experts.

fundamentals-of-workplace-learning5. The Fundamentals of Workplace Learning: Understanding How People Learn in Working Life

Fundamentals of Workplace Learning is a comprehensive guide to how people learn in the workplace, and the issues and challenges involved. Examining the essential aspects of workplace learning and unraveling the various influences which affect the success of work-based learners, Knud Illeris presents a holistic model to explain how diverse individuals can be encouraged and invited to learn at work.

Approaching workplace learning from the perspective of learners as human beings, with complex social and psychological needs, as opposed to resources to be managed, this book examines in detail the key issues surrounding workplace learning, including:

  • The workplace environment as a learning space
  • Workplace learning as competence development
  • A multitude of different kinds of workplace learning arrangements
  • Job-transcending learning initiatives
  • The interaction between formal and informal learning environments
  • The challenges presented by specific groups: early school leavers, elderly workers and the new young generation.

Presenting conclusions on workplace learning and possibilities for the future this book focuses on a way forward while detailing the fundamentals of successful workplace learning. It will appeal to everyone involved in understanding and improving learning in the workplace including educationalists, business students, managers, personnel and educational leaders.

headhunters-hiring-secrets6. ‘Headhunter’ Hiring Secrets: The Rules of the Hiring Game Have Changed . . . Forever! [Kindle Edition]

In “Headhunter” Hiring Secrets veteran “headhunter” and best-selling author Skip Freeman, using a comprehensive, step-by-step, from- beginning-to-end approach, reveals the “secrets” he has employed over the last eight years to place hundreds of job seekers in their dream job.

Skip’s major thesis is that the “rules” of the “hiring game”—and he continually emphasizes that finding a new job is, in every sense of the word, a “game”—have changed dramatically in just the last few years.

In “Headhunter” Hiring Secrets he outlines what the NEW rules are, and then demonstrates in comprehensive detail—with tons of suggested telephone scripts, responses to interview key questions, resumes and cover letters, and much, much more—how today’s job seeker can effectively play by these NEW rules and get HIRED! FAST!