Top 10 Careers Spent Outside of the Office

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Often times when people think of quality high paying jobs they think also of long hours trapped in a cubicles. When it comes to escaping the office, there are several promising careers to suit the needs of most anyone.

From photojournalism to firefighting, there are a number of exciting careers to chose from that not only pay well but also ensure that you never step foot inside an office building to work.

1.Police Officer: A career in law enforcement can offer an escape to anyone seeking to avoid the repetition of potentially mundane office work. A career as a police officer (while working on the street) can offer great flexibility of hours along with the satisfaction of contributing to the safety of society.

2.Firefighter: A career as a firefighter is on one of excitement and potential danger. Fire fighting is a time honored career with deeply rooted traditions. This career offers great flexibility in hours and traditionally pays very well.

3.Teacher: The career of an educator is rarely an easy one. While teaching comes with its own difficulties, this career has a lot of benefits to offer. Teachers enjoy much the same in regards to scheduling as that of an office worker. Paid vacation time, paid holidays, and long summer vacations are par for the course for this career choice.

4.Nursing: A career in nursing gives one a rare opportunity to directly help people. Aside from quality pay nurses are afforded the luxury of seeing their work help others. With flexible scheduling a nursing career is a wonderful choice for those looking to escape the office setting.

5.Airline Pilot: A career in aviation is one of the most exciting anyone could choose. The thrill of commanding the skies is not for the faint of heart. Airline pilots receive wonderful pay, great benefits, and very flexible scheduling all making this an amazing career choice.

6.Chef: While becoming a chef can be a long and difficult road, it is not without its wonderful benefits. For someone with a passion for food, there may be no better career choice. The restaurant industry is a very fast paced environment. Long hours and hard work are par the course. A career as a chef is one that rapidly changes and evolves every day. When looking for a job outside of monotony, look no further than a career as a chef.

7.Long Haul Truck Driver: A career in long haul trucking is one of great pay and very flexible hours. Working as a truck driver offers up the chance to work free of constraint and constant oversight. For those that enjoy the seclusion of the open road, look no further than a career in long haul trucking.

8.Park Ranger: Wanting to not only escape the office, but also to escape the hustle and bustle of a large city. Look no further than an exciting career as a park ranger. A career as a park ranger offers up the chance to explore nature for a living. Park rangers are offered very flexible hours all while being paid well.

9.Freelance Writing: A career in freelance writing can be one of uncertainty. When looking to escape the day to day of an office cubicle though, very few can compete. Complete flexibility of hours is enjoyed by freelance writers and the potential to make significant money exists. Freelance writers are only limited by the time they wish to expend and the quality of their imagination.

10.Photo journalism: A career in photo journalism can be one of immense reward. Successful photo journalists have the freedom to travel the world in search of the perfect picture. This career offers up flexibility in scheduling and offers the promise of unyielding adventure.

For many of us the day to day grind of the office can grow very tiresome. However, no longer are we constrained to the confines of a cubicle in order to make a lucrative living. This list of the top 10 careers spent outside of the office is only but a fraction of the careers available outside of the confines of a cubicle. Many wonderful, adventurous, career opportunities exist for those wanting to step outside of their office space.