The Best Get-It-Done Guys Organization and Productivity Podcasts


The Smart Lemming recommends the following Get-It-Done Guys podcasts on organization, procrastination, and personal productivity:


  1. Coordinating Your Online and Offline Files
  2. Giving Context When Sending Information
  3. How to Archive Emails
  4. How to Catalog Your Stuff
  5. How to Clean Your Desk
  6. How to Easily Record Your Work Accomplishments
  7. How to Get Rid of Clutter Fast
  8. How to Keep Track of Your Ideas
  9. How to Manage Your Schedule
  10. How to Name Files
  11. How to Organize Your Stuff
  12. How to Stop Losing Things
  13. Manage Life with a Personal Dashboard
  14. Organize Your Wardrobe
  15. Organizing Research Resources
  16. Organizing Tasks
  17. Save Time by Using a Resource Book
  18. Scanning and Archiving Your Papers
  19. Use Removable Labels
  20. Wrinkle-free Clothes


  1. Avoid Phone Interruptions
  2. Become Productive by Linking Your Tasks to Your Biggest Goals
  3. Busting your Book Backlog
  4. Choosing a Tool to Manage Your To-Do List
  5. Focusing at Your Computer
  6. How to Create a Better To-Do List
  7. How to Manage Your Task List in Email
  8. How to Manage Your To-do List
  9. How to Quickly Prepare for a Presentation
  10. How to Stop Procrastinating
  11. Increase your IQ
  12. Keeping Your Inbox Empty!
  13. Save Time by Simplifying Your Inboxes
  14. Taking Killer Notes That Keep You On Top Of Your Game
  15. When Should You Change Email Subject Lines?

What are my personal favorites?

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