The Best Get-It-Done Guys Business Skills and Work Life Podcasts


The Smart Lemming recommends the following Get-It-Done Guys podcasts on Work Life regarding personal productivity, work relationships, emails, self-promotion, and managing your boss:


  1. How to Get Noticed by Your CEO
  2. Being Unfairly Blamed at Work
  3. Coping With Too Much to Do
  4. Dealing with Bureaucracy
  5. File so You Can Find Anything–Instantly
  6. Give Files Revision Numbers
  7. How to Ask for What You Want
  8. How to Be Prepared to Give Your Opinion
  9. How To Break Up, How to Quit
  10. How to Convince Coworkers to Try Something New
  11. How to Deal with a Lazy Co-worker
  12. How to Deal with Coworkers Who Take Credit For Your Work
  13. How to Easily Record Your Work Accomplishments
  14. How to Manage Your Boss
  15. How to Run a Good Meeting Even When You’re Not Facilitator
  16. How to Set Boundaries at Work
  17. How to Set Boundaries with the Boss
  18. How to Stand Out
  19. How to Take Notes in Meetings
  20. How to Tell Someone They Are Wrong
  21. How to Turn Problems into Opportunities
  22. How to Write Better Emails
  23. Self-promote Without Being a Jerk
  24. Stop People from Interrupting
  25. Too Many Meetings?
  26. Track Processes with File Folders.
  27. What Matters when Starting a Job
  28. Where Can You Improve to Get the Most Career Boost?
  29. Which Form of Communication Should You Use in the Workplace?
  30. Write Your First Resume

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