12 New Career Management Books for October – November 2010


New Releases in Job Hunting & Careers

Looking for new business books on career management? Below are the latest book releases on Amazon with their respective product descriptions. These titles look timely for individuals, who are proactively managing their career, coping with the Great Recession’s effect on a job market that forced job seekers to become more creative and diligent in looking for a job or furthering their careers.

1. Reaching Your Potential: Personal and Professional Development

reach-your-potentialReaching Your Potential takes a holistic approach to helping students take control of their lives and improve their self-belief. The text is organized around the four areas of emotional, intellectual, physical and social potentials. Through a process of learning and self-examination, students discover their values, increase their commitment to personal goals, and challenge themselves to grow and learn.

While gaining practical knowledge and skills, students will discover their emotional, intellectual, physical, and social resources. This model, which is thematically integrated throughout the text, allows readers to emerge from their learning experience understanding the importance of developing each of these areas in order to reach their fullest potential. The text involves readers in active learning with self-assessments, activities that apply concepts to their own lives, questions that test comprehension, and case studies to foster critical-thinking skills.

2. Guerrilla Marketing for a Bulletproof Career: How to Attract Ongoing Opportunities in Perpetually Gut Wrenching Times, for Entrepreneurs, Employees, and Everyone in Between

guerrilla-marketing-for-a-bulletproof-careerGuerrilla Marketing for a Bulletproof Career is a practical, and hard-hitting guide for career success in perpetually uncertain times. It provides a road map to advance your career and prosper without being blindsided by overnight industry collapses, potential layoffs, economic shocks, corporate scandals, international competition, or technological disruptions.

You will gain an entirely new perspective on what it means to be combat ready in this economy, including how to achieve your career goals in creative ways while making more money and spending less time working. You will discover the secrets to getting into the opportunity flow so that the best opportunities come to you first, before others find out about them.

3. Eliminated! Now What?: Finding Your Way from Job-Loss Crisis to Career Resilience

eliminated-now-whatAs the economy struggles and whole sectors wither, millions of people are out of work. Even people who still have jobs are waiting for the axe to fall. Eliminated! Now What? teaches people how to view their job loss as an opportunity, rather than a crippling dilemma. It explains what to do in the first days following a layoff, how to talk about unemployment with others, and which actions and thoughts will help readers maintain a positive attitude.

4. Be Your Own Best Publicist: How to Use PR Techniques to Get Noticed, Hired, and Rewarded at Work

be-your-own-publicistIn one of the toughest job markets in more than 20 years, applying the art of self-promotion is more vital than ever. Be Your Own Best Publicist shows anyone looking to land a new job, attract freelance assignments, stay essential in a current position, or get that coveted promotion, how they can use public relations skills to achieve his or her goals.

5. 2011 Career Plan

2011-career-planWhat does the economic recovery mean for your career? Which fields will explode with opportunities in 2011 and beyond? What should you be doing now to discover and achieve the job that s right for you. This timely guide, written by one of the nation s leading occupational experts, has the answers to these questions and many more. 2011 Career Plan shows people how to position their career for great rewards as the nation rebounds from recession. It unveils the whys and hows of career planning for 2011, giving readers a much-needed edge in a job market that s more competitive than ever.

6. Just Promoted! A 12-Month Road Map for Success in Your New Leadership Role, Second Edition

just-promotedJust Promoted! gives you the tools, knowledge, and confidence to take that next big step in your career. The most complete guide of its kind, this book is filled with essential knowledge–practical advice and proven strategies, handy checklists, tips from the pros, and revealing real-world stories. From moving in to making an impact to navigating changes in your personal life, Just Promoted! guides you day by day through the entire first year.

Updated with critical new information, the second edition includes: Customizable tools for your leadership transition process, examples of leadership transitions in a wide array of business sectors, sections on how to assemble and manage a strong team and methods for handling change management issues, and potentially career-damaging pitfalls to avoid–including those involving your family, health, and time.

7. The Unwritten Rules: The Six Skills You Need to Get Promoted to the Executive Level

unwritten-rulesAs predictable career paths have become extinct in most organizations, managers aspiring to the C-level job are left to their own devices to determine how to advance their careers. Even in companies committed to talent development, guidance to aspiring executives is often vague and contradictory. This happens, executive coach John Beeson argues in The Unwritten Rules, because executive promotions are made based on the decision makers’ intuitive sense of whether or not a manager can succeed at higher levels within the organization.

Beeson decodes these leadership criteria–the unwritten rules–that companies use to make decisions about who gets promoted and who doesn’t, and identifies the six core “selection factors” that are imperative for success at the executive level: Demonstrating strategic skills, building a strong management team, managing implementation, exhibiting the capacity for innovation and change, working across organizational boundaries, and projecting executive presence.

8. The Career Guide for Creative and Unconventional People

creative-and-unconventional-peopleYou don’t have to stifle your creative impulses to pay the bills. For anyone who’s ever been told, “Don’t quit your day job,” career counselor Carol Eikleberry is here to say, “Pursue your dreams.” Now in its third edition, her guide provides knowledgeable career guidance, real-life success stories, and eye-opening self-evaluation tools to help artistic individuals figure out how to remain different, unconventional, and hard-to-categorize while finding work they love.

9. Use Your Head to Get Your Foot in the Door: Job Search Secrets No One Else Will Tell You

use-your-head-to-get-your-foot-in-the-doorThe average person will have at least three career changes and ten different jobs by age thirty-eight. In this era of downsizing and outsourcing, you can never be sure your job will still exist in five years- or five weeks. So you’d better think of your career as a perpetual job search. That demands a passion for lifetime learning and the skills for relentless and effective networking.

Mackay shows you how to be at your best when things are at their worst. His hard-hitting topics include: beating rejection before it beats you, warning signals that you might be losing your job, acing interviews, negotiating the job you want not the job they offer, taking advantage of the way bosses make hiring decisions, and blending the latest contact tools with old-fashioned face-to-face networking.

10. Black Faces in White Places

black-faces-in-white-placesIf the name Randal Pinkett sounds familiar, it may be because Pinkett was the first African-American winner on The Apprentice. When he won, this black man also became the only contestant to be asked to share his victory with a white woman. The request (and Pinkett’s subsequent refusal) set off a firestorm of controversy that inevitably focused on the issue of race in the American workplace and in society.

Black Faces in White Places is about “the game” that is, the competitive world in which we all live and work. The book offers 10 revolutionary strategies for playing, mastering, and changing the game for the current generation, while under taking a whole sale redefinition of the rules for those who will follow. It examines the four dimensions of the contemporary black experience: identity, society, meritocracy, and opportunity. Ultimately, it is about changing the very concept of success itself. Based on the authors’ considerable experiences in business, in the public eye, and in the minority, the book shows how African-American professionals can (and must) think and act both Entrepreneurially and “Intrapreneurially,” combine their collective strengths with the wisdom of others, and plant the seeds of a positive and lasting legacy.

11. This Is Not the Career I Ordered: Empowering Strategies from Women Who Recharged, Reignited, and Reinvented Their Careers

this-is-not-the-career-i-orderedAre you thriving in your career or spinning your wheels in a position that does not gratify you? Some people change careers by choice and others by necessity. Part self-help manual, part inspiration, This Is Not the Career I Ordered is a must read for those contemplating a career change. Professional career reinvention is possible and this resource will show you how to play to your strengths, discover your passions, and own your humble confidence as you plan your next career move.

Told through the lens of women who have reignited and reinvented their careers, the journey begins with the author’s own emotional career transition. This book is multi generational and appropriate for your daughters, sisters, mothers, friends, and colleagues.

12. When Life Changes or You Wish It Would

when-life-changes-or-you-wish-it-wouldWhen Life Changes or You Wish It Would is for anyone who isn’t happy with the status quo and wants to take life to the next level. Change can be exhilarating and terrifying — often both at the same time. Carol Adrienne has helped thousands pursue their heart’s desire. If you face challenges in family, career, or other areas, or feel stuck or fearful, Carol Adrienne can help you find your mission and keep your focus as you forge ahead into the unknown.

Bonus Recommendation: The Next Level: What Insiders Know About Executive Success, 2nd Edition

the-next-level-scott-eblinAfter the thrill of promotion to an executive position comes the sobering reality of just how difficult it is to succeed at this level–and how hard it can be to find help. Some 40 percent of new executives don’t last 18 months. Why? Scott Eblin shows that it’s because in order to succeed at the Next Level, you need to adopt new behaviors and beliefs, and, more important, let go of old ones.