The Smart Lemming Rules of Life and Career Management: #6 Aspire to always help and teach others


Over the course of our life, we accumulate knowledge and experiences that others can benefit from. Why not share this wisdom with younger family members, junior colleagues, or peers?

While we can’t prevent others from making mistakes, we can share our experiences and outcomes with them. We can teach others shortcuts from our own success.

Share the Process, not just the Results

While our situations are unique to our personal experiences, others can learn how we approached the situation, how we came to a conclusion, and what the effects were for us.

I didn’t come into this world wanting to be a teacher. Over time, I happened into this role out of compassion to help others avoid making the same mistakes that I made. At the office, I hoped my colleagues would learn from my work experiences, which I believed were invaluable lessons from former mentors. For younger family members, I shared my tactics on how to deflect intimidating threats from bullies.

Be a Stealth Smart Lemming

Basically, I’m trying to give back all that I have received. I try not to be preachy, because no one wants people telling them what to do or how to live their life. I try to be stealth about my teachings by adding value when I see an open mind that allows me to share my lessons learned.

At the end of the day, I aspire to be good person. I’m always hoping that others can learn from my mistakes or successes in my life and career.

Action Items

How can you help or teach others? You can start by:

  • Being a role model: At times, you’re a role model and don’t even know it. Others are watching and learning from your actions, so walk your talk.
  • Being a mentor: Be a mentor by proactively helping others, who you can mentor to success. Do random acts of kindness at the office for a junior colleague.
  • Helping a coworker who hates their job: Communicate to your boss about coworker’s performance, give positive feedback to your coworker, and interact with coworkers who look isolated, or offer to go to lunch or get drinks after work.
  • Encourage ownership: Help others take personal ownership by helping others figure out how to achieve their goals.

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The Smart Lemming Rules of Life and Career Management series outlines my rules of personal and work success. After reflecting on my personal values, I made this list, realizing values are my rules of being or life management principles. Based on your experiences, I hope this list inspires you to identify your own rules. Here are the rules to my success that may help you over the course of your journey:


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  • #21 Be compassionate.