The Smart Lemming’s Weekly Twitter Digest: Week of November 20, 2009

The Smart Lemming recommends Lori Grant’s tweets as additional resources for college-age or new workers:

  1. 5 Self-Made Barriers Between You and Your Dream Career
  2. Life’s too short: 5 Reasons to Never Give Up on Your Dreams
  3. Why personal goal setting can be dangerous
  4. Trait transference: Why gossip can kill your career
  5. By learning how to exploit your “weaknesses,” you can turn them to your advantage
  6. 5 reasons volunteering should be a part of your career evolution strategy
  7. What’s Your Unique Talent? Unique Talent = Natural Abilities + Your Unique Way Of Expressing Those Abilities
  8. A 15-point plan to deal with a bad boss or adversity at work
  9. Does Your Career Flounder and Flop Around Like a Fish out of Water?
  10. What jobs will be in demand in 2010? The Top 10 Job Positions in 2010, segmented by industry
  11. Need ideas on decluttering your life, check out: Book Review: Unclutter Your Life in One Week

  1. Are you qualified to apply for a job you want?
  2. 15 minute resumé makeovers: Edit, edit, edit
  3. The seven biggest interview mistakes
  4. What Does It Mean When They Say They’re Still Interviewing Candidates?
  5. Should you write your resume in past or present tense?