The Smart Lemming’s Daily Twitter Digest: November 4, 2009

The Smart Lemming sent out the following tweets, recommending these additional resources from news, articles, and posts on business life, career management, management and leadership, and women in business:

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  2. Three reasons why people fail
  3. 15 podcasts that will make you richer
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  5. Why some managers get promoted while others get eliminated
  6. The four conversations: communication that gets results
  7. Are you stuck with a group of negative, unmotivated colleagues?
  8. 4 tips for when things don’t go well
  9. Leadership tips: 30 challenges that can develop leaders
  10. Presentation tips: 10 things I liked and hated about your presentation
  11. You won’t get to the top without self-confidence; to build it, you have to believe in yourself.
  12. 20 ways to standout in your career
  13. 5 sources of market research for your personal brand