The Smart Lemming’s Daily Twitter Digest: November 18, 2009

twitter-2The Smart Lemming sent out the following tweets, recommending these additional resources from news, articles, and posts on business life, career management, management and leadership, and women in business:

  1. About one million laid-off workers will see their unemployment benefits end in January unless Congress acts quickly
  2. Finding balance can be tough for top leaders: finding your ‘ego balance’
  3. “The Good Wife” Episode 8 “Unprepared”: TV Recap
  4. My knowledge worker mascot is now a toy: Unitasker Wednesday: USB-Powered Hamster Wheel
  5. I had no idea on why I use lists until now: We Like Lists Because We Don’t Want to Die
  6. Free Report: How to Become a Creative Entrepreneur
  7. Great lessons for all: How to Become a Freelance Web Developer: A Six Month Plan
  8. How an entrepreneur survived the boom of the lat 90s and the bust of the early 2000s, and still going strong today
  9. Calendar planning: How to manage too many ASAPs
  10. Passion in work: To find a job you feel passionate about, you need a process
  11. Level 2 Management Skills: Management Skills For Team Building
  12. Why is Management’s Perception of Time is Different than Worker’s: It’s the Theory of Special Relativity of Management
  13. What’s Your Strategy for the Next Decade?
  14. How Not Achieving Something Is the Key to Achieving It
  15. Leadership isn’t about you. The best leaders understand results are created by all of the great people doing the work
  16. You never know who may be watching you at work
  17. How to use a professional resume template: the key components to a professional resume