The 6 Ps of Career Management

I was inspired by Mike Sansone’s post “The 6 Ps of BizBlog Practice.” His 6 Ps model was easily transferable to managing your career. I call it the 6 P’s of Career Management. It’s a career management mix of your strategy position of your product in the job market. Think of the 6Ps as tactical tools that work together to achieve your career goals. The elements of the career management mix:

  1. People: be honest, intelligent, ethical, and hardworking. You should enjoy working and learning with others as you develop and master your skill set.
  2. Product: your product is your core competencies and the value you create. For example, I always sold myself as someone who could build processes from scratch, creating repeatable processes for the job I was interviewing for.
  3. Plan: while you may not know exactly what you want to do at this time, assume you’ll need a three to five-year Career Management Plan that’s dynamic. Avoid job jumping. Try to find mentors and coaches during your journey, so you can get their feedback on how you’re doing. Build your network, since that’s most likely how you’ll get your next job. You must have a Personal Branding Roadmap that defines what new skills you want to develop. Learn skills that will differentiate yourself from others at your company and the job market.
  4. Profit:  yes, you have to earn a living right? Profit from your career by living within your means, saving up for a possible job loss or recession. You should be making more than you’re spending. Don’t finance a car if you can save up and buy one with cash. Cut back on the nice-to-haves. Pay yourself first before money goes out the door.
  5. Passion: find your passion. Perspective employers will see it in your eyes and in your gestures. They should hear it in your voice, when you discuss why you’re the right candidate for a job.
  6. Persistence: like Mike Sansone says, “Sticktuitiveness.” Passion happens in several ways; it can happen overnight or it takes time to grow and manifest. You must have persistence and patience as you manage your career. Always remember, there are no shortcuts. We all must pay our dues to get to where we want to go, learning valuable lessons along the way.


How can you use the 6 Ps of Career Management? Start defining your own definition for each element— people, product, plan, profit, passion, and persistence—to create a baseline for yourself. What are your values in how you interact with people? How would yourself as a product? For example, are you calm, cool, collected under grace? Are you more entrepreneurial? Also, create a Career Management Plan if you don’t already have one. Identify what skills you need to get to where you want to go. Do you have a financial plan? Have you committed to a debt reduction and plan, so you can be prepare for an unexpected job loss?

Don’t know what you’re passionate about? Ask friends, family, and close coworkers what they think your passion is. You’d be surprised how much insight they’ll provide. Are you concerned that you’re not persistent? Be honest, do feel entitled? These are red flags that you’ll have to take care because lacking persistence and feeling entitled are not conducive for a successful career. No one owes you a living. Dream jobs don’t happen overnight. A successful career takes persistence that will get you through your dark moments of despair when you feel like you’re career isn’t worth is hardship.


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