The Smart Lemming’s Daily Twitter Digest: October 19, 2009

The Smart Lemming sent out the following tweets, recommending these additional resources from news, articles, and posts on business life, career management, management and leadership, and women in business:

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  5. Interesting: How Michael Dell is trying to change almost everything about the computer company he founded
  6. 10 Ways to Reduce Stress Without Spending a Dime
  7. How to add goal attainment to your performance review — when you have no goals
  8. 6 ways to network your way into a new city
  9. 5 Ways to Manage Your Career for Your Next Promotion, Part 1
  10. Three steps for breaking through and turning a no into a yes
  11. Don’t Undermine Peers, Find Alternatives to Get Your Point Across
  12. A Must-read for Execs: Executive Job Seekers’ Biggest Mistakes
  13. Interesting: How I Found My Dream Job Using LinkedIn
  14. Government Jobs You Should Apply For Now
  15. How To Find A Job When You’ve Been Looking Forever