The Smart Lemming’s Daily Twitter Digest: October 13, 2009

The Smart Lemming sent out the following tweets, recommending these additional resources from news, articles, and posts on business life, career management, management and leadership, and women in business:

  1. New Study Reveals How Firms Are Preparing to Retain Workers as Economy Improves
  2. Attn: Managers & Telecommuters: Establishing Team Culture in a Teleworking Environment
  3. 12 Tips on Becoming Employed With 9.8% Unemployment
  4. Interesting: Careers And Relationships – Are You Really That Different From David Letterman?
  5. Excellent post on the differences between management vs leadership
  6. Don’t be Darth Vadar: Avoid being a manager that uses fear as a motivational tool
  7. Is Your Mind Holding You Back? Mine often holds me hostage!
  8. The 8 Characteristics of Resilient People. As a control freak, I especially like #6
  9. Are You An Active or Reactive Communicator?
  10. Employers & Employees Benefit in Hard Times by Re-Commit to Flex Time
  11. 25 Reliable Signs that the Curtain may be Coming Down on Your Job
  12. Personal Branding Tip: Lose the Tone in Your Voice, Don’t Channel Your Inner Seven of Nine
  13. From the Archives: Simple Self-Management Strategy #2 – What haunts You in Your Job? Get Over It!
  14. Lessons from The Office: Don’t Jump to Conclusions, Don’t be Fearful
  15. From the Archives: Don’t be a prisoner to your emotions: Use the 8 Step Process to Manage Emotions
  16. You are your own worst enemy & time is not on your side: How To Overcome The 2 Biggest Enemies In A Job Search
  17. From the Archives: How to Manage Your Ambition
  18. How Resume Screening Software Could Be Sabotaging Your Job Search
  19. 5 Steps to Overcoming Sticky Situations at Work