23 Ways to be Happy at Work: #12 – Don’t react

bunny-paws-on-faceIt’s hard not to react to situations that make us unhappy or threaten us. If we’re always reacting to these things, people, circumstances, external events can control us. By having the discipline to not react, we control our emotions, coping with the situation. For example, I’ve worked at three companies that had to layoff part of its workforce. When I felt that a layoff was imminent, I proactively started checking out the job market. I would make calls to former colleagues about leads. Once I felt I had some control of my work situation, my fears subsided.

List the things that you react to
Identify if you can control in situations. Identify what you can’t control. For the things that you can’t control, brainstorm for ways that you might be able to gain peace of mind in your situation. If you can’t find any avenues for increased control, then try to come to terms with the fact that you cannot control everything in your life. All you can do is be prepared for any situation. In doing so, you become more mindful,not giving in to the urge to react.

Being happy at work is having confidence that we’re prepared for anything that we’re not helpless and that we have a plan. For me, reacting means I feel fear or have no control in a situation. How can you feel happier in situations, especially when you know you are prone to being a reactionary?


23 Ways to be Happy at Work Series

The 23 Ways to be Happy at Work series reflects on 23 ways to help you reflect about the course of your career. After deciding to identify what made me happy at work, my list became this list. Here the are the drivers to my happiness at work that may help you manage your career:

  1. Work by your values
  2. Love your work, love your career
  3. Decide what makes you happy in your job
  4. Work can be play
  5. Know the big picture
  6. Walk in your boss’s shoes
  7. What is the problem?
  8. Try the same old thing to get different results
  9. Try something new to get different results
  10. List your accomplishments
  11. Don’t gossip
  12. Don’t react
  13. Don’t worry
  14. Don’t be unhealthy
  15. Read up
  16. Read It
  17. Share knowledge
  18. Mend fences
  19. Be a squirrel
  20. Change your workspace
  21. Give yourself a gift
  22. Let it go
  23. Change this!

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