Smart Lemming Rundown: 10 Simple Secrets of the World’s Greatest Business Communicators


How does one present like Steve Jobs? Do you have passion, but know how to channel it in presentations? If you’re an introvert, how can you overcome you nature by coming commanding in front of an audience? Carmine Gallo’s book, 10 Simple Secrets of the World’s Greatest Business Communicators, describes and provides examples of the business world’s best communicators. Gallo explains how passion and inspiration not only shapes communications, but why it’s so important to exceptional presenters. Below are Gallo’s ten secrets of great presentators:

  1. Passion: Use Your Head to Reach Their Heart
  2. Inspiration: C’mon Baby, Light My Fire
  3. Preparation: Toss the Script
  4. Start Strong: Don’t Bury the Lead
  5. Clarity: Lose the Jargon or Lose Your Audience
  6. Brevity: Keep It Short. Period.
  7. Say It with Style: What Great Television Anchors Know…
  8. Command Presence: Movement Does a Body Good
  9. Wear It Well: Image Is Almost Everything
  10. Reinvention…It’s Your Choice

Gallo demonstrates that the best speakers make an emotional connection between their subject and their personal feelings, touching an audience.



Passion is a combination of energy and real enthusiasm, distinguishing great communicators. Great communicators use their passion to tell their story with added emotion, power, and confidence. How can you can become a passionate speaker? Tap into your passion, by combining your enthusiasm and with energy.


Charismatic leaders convey their vision and share their optimism, even with large audiences, inspiring others. By conveying their vision, they become effective storytellers. Charismatic leaders explain how their ideas can change peoples’ lives. They often tell personal stories, connecting with listeners at the emotional level.


To prepare is to establish rapport with the audience. Gallo explains that we should never relying on notes during our presentation that can be a surest way to reduce your effectiveness. The best speakers, like Steve jobs, make presentations look effortless, after hours of preparation. To prepare, great speakers plan: what they are going to say, how they are going to say it, and how they are going to end. All the while, they never read from a script, rarely reading their PowerPoint slides.

The final step of preparation is rehearsal by reviewing their notes, visiting the place where the presentation will be delivered, and examining the seating and lighting. Gallo recommends videotaping your presentation during rehearsal, so you can analyze your performance by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Do you appear energetic?
  • Do you maintain good eye contact?
  • Are you making effective use of body language and gestures?
  • Correcting deficiencies during rehearsal is much better than recapping your hits and misses after the presentation.

Start Strong: Don’t Bury the Lead

Gallo recommends making a memorable impression by getting everyone’s attention right from the start. People remember what they see first and last. Studies show that people remember the first and last things that happen at an event, with ideas presented in the middle getting lost. Gallo recommends focusing on your prominent points into a 30-second opening segment that should answer the following questions:

  1. What does my company provide, do or advocate?
  2. How does my company solve customers’ problems?
  3. What makes my company different?
  4. What can my company do for you?

Clarity: Lose the Jargon or Lose Your Audience

Great speakers are clear and concise, leaving no room for error or jargon. Their message is simple and easily understandable. After you eliminate jargon from your speeches, Gallo recommends using analogies, anecdotes, endorsements, examples, statistics and testimonials to enhance your presentation. These techniques can drive home a point or help make a story more tangible.

Brevity: Keep It Short. Period.

According to Gallo, the optimal speech is 15 to 20 minutes. Any longer, the audience’s retention decreases. If done well, short speeches and presentations carry powerful messages, by using short words and cutting excessive language. Business presentations should be no longer than 15 minutes.

Say It with Style: What Great Television Anchors Know…

To be memorable, great speakers create an emotional link with the audience. The way these business communicators look and act is often more important than what they say. Vocal delivery is also important. Broadcast industry research shows that the “ideal” voice should be clear, have an average volume, without distracting flaws.

Command Presence: Movement Does a Body Good

Speakers like Steve jobs exude professionalism and credibility, as he establishing a rapport with the audience by having good eye contact, controlled hand gestures and good  posture. Gallo argues that body language affects your credibility. When you slouch, putting your hands in your pockets or swaying while you speak, you’re distracting detracting from your message and credibility. In particular, hand gestures actually help speakers clarify their thoughts. However, Gallo warns that you need to know how to use gestures, by following two rules: (1) use them rarely; and, (2) to emphasize a key idea or fact.

Wear It Well: Image Is Almost Everything

Gallo says that your clothes tell a story, be sure it is the story you intend to tell. You must dress professionally or appropriately to your audience. Good grooming shows you care enough to make a special effort, while also helping you establish a presence and becoming the center of attention. “Look the part” of being a credible presenter or executive, so people can focus on your message and not be distracted by your appearance.

Reinvention…It’s Your Choice

Great speakers remain fresh by staying topical, not repeating themselves. How can we learn from their secrets? When you face a setback, use personal renewal to bounce back. Exceptional communication is the key to reinventing yourself and your company. Gallo assures you that the most important factor in great communication skills is to believe in yourself and your ability to make a change in others.

Recommendation & Smart Lemming Radar

10 Simple Secrets of the World’s Greatest Business Communicators by Carmine Gallo is a must-read for workers, who want to improve their business life, leadership, and sales skills in business communications. Below is the Smart Lemming Radar for Gallo’s book, reflecting its rating for Smart Lemming categories. Gallo also provides coaching drills after every chapter, giving you access to learning aids targeted for each of the ten secrets. It’s also an excellent resource anyone who is interested in learning why great speakers Steve Jobs are outstanding presenters.


Smart Lemming Radar Rating & Rating Scale

Below is the Smart Lemming rating for 10 Simple Secrets of the World’s Greatest Business Communicators by Carmine Gallo. rated this book a perfect 4 on a scale of 4, as a must-read book for workers, who want to improved their business life, leadership, and sales skills in business communications. This book rated a 3 out of 4 in career management, management, and women in business, as a should-read book, for workers who want to use it as a resource to improve their career management and management skills or women who want to learn successful presentation skills. rated this book as an optional read for workers, who are interested in marketing. Below is also the rating scale used in the Smart Lemming Radar graph.


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