Build Up Goodwill for a Rainy Day

rainy-dayYour first impression is a lasting impression. When you start a new job, it pays to achieve big results in your first 90 to 100 days. By demonstrating high performance levels, delivering results, and more importantly, building goodwill, you’ll receive confidence from your manager, peers, and/or direct reports. That first impression can lead to a lasting one, if you are consistent in delivering results. How can you use it for times, when you’re off your game?

Goodwill is what you need during times, when your productivity may disappoint even yourself. We’ve all been there. While we try hard to manage our workload and deadlines, there will be times, when you have too many deliverables, feeling like your spinning your wheels. No amount of “flow” will get you through it.

However, the goodwill you accumulate allows you to weather those turbulent times, when your boss, peers, or direct reports notice that you’re performance isn’t quite what it “usually is.” One you realize this problem, course correct quickly. Don’t make it a pattern, but an exception. Remember, good will arises from the reputation, expertise, service or some other intangible attached to you by others and makes you worth than more just another headcount.

Smart Lemming tip: Build up your goodwill for a rainy day.