Top 10 TV Office Romances

jan-michael-theofficeOn the heels of the Valentine’s Day craziness around office romance, I thought it would be fitting to have a Top 10 list of my favorite TV office romances. Whether we should find relationships at the office, is another question. Let’s assume that we don’t have issues with finding love at the office. This top TV office romance list cover relationships between colleagues, e.g., Madeline and Operations in Le Femme Nikita; and between boss and subordinate, e.g. Jan and Michael from The Office.

10. Le Femme Nikita: Nikita and Michael
Black ops, direct report/supervisor romantic relationship, tormented soul and optimist all mixed together to create one of a classic push me/pull me work relationship between Nikita and Michael. As the starved-for-a-connection Nikita develops a relationship with Michael, it proves to be complicated since Michael has so much baggage that a romantic relationship can’t survive. But it was intriguing to see Michael deal with the issues of being in charge of Nikita’s performance, having to protect her from Operations when she failed, and having a conflict of interest when he wasn’t aligned to the Section agenda when she failed.

madeline-operations_s9. Le Femme Nikita: Madeline and Operations
One of my favorite “power couples” in a work relationship. With Operations as No. 1 and Madeline as No. 2 in Section, most of the time, they were able to maintain objectivity in managing the Section. As I recall, Operations only lost perspective once when Madeline was in trouble. Of course, Madeline wasn’t pleased with his “personal response” to save her. But not surprising since Madeline had all the power in their relationship. Is this how power couples could work?

muldur-scully8. The X-Files: Scully and Mulder
One of the classic romantic tension in the workplace between coworkers. It was always compelling to see these two in action because they were always in life and death situations, having to protect each other from aliens and the Syndicate. Good thing neither of them were in existing relationships when they started working together because those relationships wouldn’t have lasted.

7. The Office: Pam and Jim
Everyone loves Pam and Jim. These two are among the sane because in an office full of crazies and they’re the most relatable, like people you know. What’s not to love?

6. The Office: Jan and Michael
Oh my. A boss and a subordinate work relationship. Very dangerous, especially for Jan. This seems like a job killer for Jan, but since Michael’s such a goofball, maybe not. However, at the CFO’s party, this kiss seems like the wrong place and wrong time to make out, don’t you think?

christina-burke5. Grey’s Anatomy: Burke and Christina
Out of the hookups on Grey’s Anatomy, this one is my favorite. Mostly because they are the power couple of the show. Of course, they would wind up together because they’re such strong personalities, who else would they be with? Yes, it’s a conflict of interest and it all went wrong when Christina was protecting Burke’s injury, but that’s Christina’s version commitment and loyalty. And it was Christina’s idea of commitment and loyalty again to do the right thing and give up Burke. What other TV couple could live together and not talk to each other? What other TV couple get engaged when you think they’re going to break up? Who else but Burke would understand that Christina doesn’t do 3-carat diamond engagement rings?

jordan-danny4/3. Studio 60: Matt Albie and Harriet Hayes/Jordan McDeere and Danny Tripp
Realistically, I appreciate Matt’s attempts to not get back with Harriet because it’s bad for the show even though he wants to get back together with her. I’m fascinated with Matt and Harriet as they navigate through all the issues that comes working with your ex. As for Danny and Jordan, my favorite TV couple moment ever was Danny declaring his intentions to Jordan:

DANNY: I’ve been married twice before and I’m a recovering cocaine addict and I know that’s no woman’s dream of a man – or of a father – nonetheless, I believe I’m falling in love with you. If you want to run I understand, but you better get a head start ’cause I’m coming for you Jordan. You should go ahead and chew that sandwich.

brothers-sisters2. Brothers and Sisters: Kitty Walker and Senator Robert McCallister
Who knew Rob Lowe and Calista Flockhart would have so much chemistry? I enjoy the promise of all the potential complications from this office romance. You gotta love Calista’s character that’s so Ally McBeal, but edgy and republican. As for the Kitty/Senator relationship? It’s going to be a very public with lots of media scrutiny because of his presidential campaign. All that attention on a budding new romance? Can they survive? How will turn out? Will Kitty be the next First Lady? Oh the suspense!

bones-booth-mistletoe1. Bones: Bones and Booth
In the classic Scully/Mulder relationship, Bones and Booth are the perfect TV couple that you want to get together, but not get together. It’s all so confusing! Now with that Bones has a love interest that’s not Booth, what happens next?