5 Secrets your boss doesn’t want you to know by David Lorenzo

davidlorenzo180x270The Secretive Boss
David Lorenzo, author of Career Intensity: Business Strategy for Workplace Warriors and Entrepreneurs, reveals five secrets that your boss doesn’t want you know. In his appearance on Today in New York, Lorenzo explains why workers must:

  1. Discuss your salary
  2. Make a special deal for yourself
  3. Understand performance reviews are nearly worthless
  4. Understand your boss isn’t aligned with your upward mobility
  5. Believe that you’re better than you think you are.

Japanese Warriors, Attila, and other Approaches
In the early part of my career, I did feel like I had to be a “workplace warrior,” but I was happy to discover that not all work environments require you to use The Book of Five Ringsor Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hunapproach to leadership. Not all workplaces need to so competitive that you’re constantly defending yourself from being undermined or always deploying proactive tactics to defend yourself. There really are companies with coworkers that want you to be a success because it makes them successful. There are other approaches to work and they aren’t all adversarial.

Dollarize the Brand Called You
And that “secretive boss” that Lorenzo describes? If you don’t expect this type of boss, but anticipate this type, then you’re one step ahead. Take Lorenzo’s advice and learn to dollarize your work value proposition and know that you’re good, really good.